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What Do Tree Frogs Eat?

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Tree frogs, with over 500 species and counting, have a diet that is much like other frogs and amphibians, with each different species liking something slightly different to others. The main diet consists of worms, insects, bugs and sometimes other frogs. These frogs are very small compared to their much larger cousins but will still eat a good bit of food. The difference between the food chain of each species is because of the different regions of the world that they may be from. So the diet of a tree frog will be a bit different depending on the type of tree frog that is discussed.

Red-eyed tree frogRed-eyed tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas), photographed near Playa Jaco in Costa Rica.

Pacific tree frog

This particular tree frog loves a variety of food. Its main liking is ants, spiders, flies, beetles and crickets. These items are in addition to the already discussed main course for tree frogs. So it has a wide variety in its diet as compared to other frogs.

Green Tree Frog

On the other hand, besides the normal diet for tree frogs, this little frog feeds on worms, such as mealworms and earthworms, as well as crickets, flies and mosquitoes. So it too has a good variety of food that it eats to keep healthy and strong.

Congo tree frog, Hyperolius viridiflavusCongo tree frog from Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo. Pic by Nhobgood Nick Hobgood.

Australian tree frog

This tree frog, living in Australia as it does, enjoys a meal of crickets, cockroaches, spiders and flies. It can also enjoy a meal of mice, other frogs and bats to supplement its meals. Anything that will fit into its mouth is considered “lunch”. These frogs are considered to be endangered.

Red-eyed tree frog

While this particular tree frog diet follows the normal pattern as the others, its diet can be supplemented by other items like smaller frogs, flies, moths, crickets. The baby frogs of this type can eat pinhead crickets along with fruit flies. So the diet remains similar for all of the tree frogs that have been discussed. They do have a small amount of variation in their diets according to size and location, but the general rule is that if it fits into their mouths, they will eat it!

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