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What Do Raccoons Eat?

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Wild raccoons have a varied diet, as they are omnivorous. They are located all over the United States and usually are active during the night which is their primary feeding time. However they can also feed during the daytime as well to take advantage of food sources. A raccoon’s diet usually consists of vertebrates, plants and invertebrates. Their diet is varied and can include nuts and fruit as well as the items mentioned above. They are considered to be one of the most omnivorous animals in the world.

Raccoon on a treeCommon raccoon (Procyon lotor). Photo by Dave Menke.

Wild raccoon diet

Raccoons are mammals and in the wild can eat a varied diet. It includes acorns, walnuts, fruits, worms, insects and it can eat other mammals such as bird eggs, birds, fish, frogs and other small mammals. They prefer to eat prey that is easy to catch, and dine on other more difficult prey only occasionally. They can also eat things such as leftovers, mice and grapes.

Raccoons and captivity

Raccoons in captivity have much the same diet as their wild cousins. However most of these animals are in zoos and not kept as pets. Their diet can consist of commercially available products such as ferret or cat food. They can also eat eggs, fish, vegetables and invertebrates. It is not advised to allow a pet raccoon to beg at the table as not all human food is safe for a raccoon to eat.

Feeding a baby raccoon

If there is a baby raccoon that is orphaned, they can be fed on infant formula milk. Care should be taken not to give too much. Babies can eat a lot and will overfeed at times. This can result in a very painful death for the babies. Proper feeding and care of both wild and tamed raccoons should be attended to. They have vital needs that the proper nutrition can provide them with. In the wild, they can hunt for themselves with no need of human care. When tamed, then they do need a little assistance to stay healthy.

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6 Comments on What Do Raccoons Eat?
  1. ROSE iDLET:

    I want detailed directions/recommendations on care and feeding of “teenage” or adult raccoons. Not trying to nurse orphans.

  2. admin:

    Hi Rose,

    You can follow what i have recommended above for an adult raccoon (their diet are pretty much like a cat’s diet) but more importantly you need to understand that raccoons are wild animals and their habits and behaviors are more attuned to a wild environment. They aren’t like cats and dogs that can stay in one place for a long time. Don’t be surprise if these adult raccoons would one day bite the hand that feeds them!

    For more a detail information on taking care of them, you can visit the website below:


  3. Laura L.:

    What should I do with a baby raccoon? It was walking in my yard and it has scratches on it. I put it in a bin with a lamp by it. Is that a good way until I find someone?

  4. admin:

    Hi Laura L.,

    I guess its best that you call animal control department. And it best to do it quickly too.

  5. Des:

    The tres marias raccoon photo you have is a photo of a coati. It looks like a white nosed, or maybe a cozumel island’s. The ring tailed raccoon doesn’t even exist. you took a photo of a ring tailed lemur which isn’t even a raccoon. It’s a primate!

  6. admin:

    Hi Des,

    Your were right on the money! I have fixed those mistakes and now the listing is more accurate. Thanks for your comment.

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