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What Do Pit Bulls Eat?

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Pit bulls are a breed of dog that is very well known. Basically, like all other dog breeds, these eat commercially available dog food. They can also be fed a raw diet. However, pit bulls do need special care in feeding to keep them at a healthy weight. While a vet can recommend a good diet to put a pit bull on, there are commercially available products that can be available for the proper feeding of this breed. Choices for a pit bull diet include wet, dry, vegetarian and raw diets.

American Pit Bull TerrierAmerican Pit Bull Terrier. Photo by Dante Alighieri (Wikimedia).

Raw diet

When it comes to a raw diet for a pit bull, the following things should be considered. Fresh fruits and vegetables such as celery, pears, apples, bok choy, mustard greens and romaine lettuce can be used for one part of the diet. Raw eggs 4 times a week is also a good idea. Raw fish or canned fish such as sardines or tuna should be included. Liver and other organ meat, as well as raw meat such as chicken, beef, rabbit or lamb is also recommended.

Dry dog food

There are many commercially available dog food brands that can be fed. However, the quality of the food will depend on the manufacturer of the food in question. This type of food is less pricey than wet food or the raw options, and is an inexpensive source of food for pit bulls.

Canned dog food

Canned dog food is a complete meal in a can. These meals contain more moisture than other foods. They are made usually from the by-products of animals but have the fewest preservatives. This is the easiest food of the three for pit bulls to digest.

Semi – moist food

As with the other foods that are commercially available, semi-moist is an offering for pit bulls. They are not as good for the teeth as they have high sugar content. They also have more additives and preservatives than the other two types of foods. This is the most expensive food of the commercially available food to purchase.

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11 Comments on What Do Pit Bulls Eat?
  1. nancy velez:

    thank for putting this up but need more info.
    what other raw fruit and vegs can i feed my pit bull that wont harm him . can u let me know what foods can harm him that i should stay away from. id like to try the raw diet but need help knowing what good for him. i feed him dry food but i would like to mix it up so that he stays healthy.let me know thank u.

  2. admin:

    Hi Nancy Velez,

    For fruits and veg, anything that is raw, meaning not processed, is good. If your pit bull is young, then chopping them up into smaller sized chunks would be a good idea. Veg like celery, bok choy and romaine lettuce is a good start. For fruits, you can try apples and pears as they are not too sweet.

    You may need to avoid food that are too spicy and acidic like pepper and bitter melon.

    Mixing raw food like fruits, veg and meat is a great idea. You can use raw fish like sardines but make sure you get as much bones out of the fish as possible. Just the meat will do.

  3. kory:

    do pits eat pigs

  4. admin:

    Hi Kory,

    Surely not. Pigs are simply too big and a wild pig can put up a good fight as well.

  5. Sibonelelo:

    Thanks for this useful info:). Is it good to mix bread, milk and raw eggs for a pit bull?

  6. admin:

    Hi Sibonelelo,

    Once a while is ok, but not everyday. Your pitbull will probably rollover and play dead.

  7. anthony:

    what is the best type of food for pit bulls

  8. anthony:

    is it OK to only feed pit bulls canned foods

  9. paul:

    my pit he is 5 months old and i was woundering if he can eat greasy foods or in hes dog food im just asking cause i did that and now hes not hes self he just lays around but he does get up and move around but not playfull like he was i also gave him some treats and he eats them but it takes awile please help me figure it out

  10. Ben:

    hello admin.. I recently got a pitbull, he is about a 6 weeks old.. I feed him some dog food mixed with a meal enhancer soup so the food is wet and a glass a small amount of milk in the morning.. I wanted to know if I’m on the right track in terms of its diet or what else I can add and at what age.. also I wanna know how to help it gain muscle.. your reply would be highly appreciated..

  11. YGz Haze:

    i gave my 2month old pitbull cooked fish is that health 4 him

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