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What Do Pigs Eat?

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Pigs are commonly domesticated animals. However, I will discuss both domesticated and wild pigs and their diets. Most pigs are omnivorous. It will depend on if a pig is wild or domesticated as to what kind of diet that they have. Since all are omnivorous, meat is often a part of the diet of a wild boar, as opposed to a farm animal, which isn’t usually fed meat. Pigs that are being raised for commercial reasons will be fed differently then their wild cousins. Each one can have a varied diet for keeping them healthy.

Bornean bearded pigBornean bearded pig (Sus barbatus). Photo by Cburnett.

Domestic pigs

When it comes to domestic pigs, they eat a diet of soybeans, meal and corn if they are being used for livestock. However, some pigs such as the pot bellied pigs are also kept as pets. Pet pigs can be fed with commercially available products. In addition, they should be fed greens, carrots, potatoes, celery, raisins, or grapes. Hay is also included in a pet pig diet.

Wild pigs

Wild pigs can have a diet that includes flowers, grasses, leaves, roots and fruits. They will also eat various insects, birds, mice and rats as well as small animals. Eggs, roots and rabbits can also be included in the menu of a wild pig or a wild boar. Nuts such as hickory, pecans and acorns are also a part of the wild diet.

Feral Pigs

Feral pigs have also a varied diet, such as the diet listed for a wild pig. Their diets are very similar and they do eat the same things that their wild cousins do. They have no fear of humans however. They, like the wild boars and pigs are hunted for food and can present a danger to humans.

Wild and tame pigs

In the wild, pigs will eat sow thistle, plantain, grasses, clover, grass and other plants. In captivity, they will eat things such as hay, grass, spinach, pear, apple, lettuce, broccoli, oranges, peppers and other fruits and vegetables. They can also be fed a commercially prepared diet.

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