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What Do Minnows Eat?

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Minnows can eat different foods depending on the environment. Knowing the right thing to feed them can help them tremendously. The food eaten can be those that are available in a household kitchen, but when it comes to minnows that are wild, mosquitoes will be a big part of the diet. If it is a captive or pet minnow, blood worms would definitely be on the menu. So the diet will vary depending on the environment that the minnow is in. Wild or pet, the diet is important to the health of the fish, regardless of circumstance.

The Siamese Algae Eater and Blue-Scaled Zacco PlatypusThe Siamese algae eater and blue-scaled zacco Platypus.

Wild minnows

Wild minnows have a definite menu as far as food choices are concerned. Dead and decaying things like animals or plants, as well as algae and mosquitoes, are the food of choice. Saltwater shrimp, if the minnows live in salt water, can also be a food source. They only consume small amounts of food out in the wild.

Captive minnows

Minnows that are pets can be fed tropical fish flakes or frozen shrimp that is frozen. Blood worms, bread crumbs, plants and vegetables also make up a percentage of the minnow diet of a pet. Many things can be found in a local pet store or in kitchen.

Types of minnows

There are two different types of minnows and each one will require something different. While minnows that live in saltwater can also live in fresh, they will need the same type of diet. Freshwater minnows will need the diet that has been listed above. Saltwater minnows will need the addition of brine shrimp.

Finding the Food for Minnows

Finding the right food for minnows can be easy. A local pet store would have the blood worms and goldfish flakes, while a household kitchen will have the crumbs, plants and vegetables that are needed to make a quality diet for your minnow. Another option for finding food would be online at specialty retailers. These items are not hard to find and make caring for and feeding a minnow much easier.

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15 Comments on What Do Minnows Eat?
  1. Cassidi:

    Tjis has really helped me I tried the bread crumbs and they all started eating it right away I’m s hapy

  2. admin:

    Hi Cassidi,

    I’m glad to hear it. It is best that you try to vary their diets as well. Adding worms, plants and even goldfish flakes can be a good choice as well.

  3. Andrew:

    Thxs for the info. :)

  4. admin:

    Hi Andrew,

    No problem!

  5. John:

    thxs but i have a quesrion what if nyou catch them in a pound sould i feed them seaweed? :)

  6. admin:

    Hi John,

    Well, yes you can but relying on freshwater seaweed alone won’t be such a good idea. Try to add more diversity to their diet.

  7. mercedes & sean:

    thanks but, we got them out of a creek/stream so were not 100% sure so should we feed them mosquitoes and vary the meals?!@#$%^&*

  8. admin:

    Hi Mercedes & Sean,

    It is best to vary their diet. How many did you catch?

  9. Alissa:

    I catched minnows in a pond and i dont know what to find them i catched about 50/70 (HELP)

  10. Abby:

    Well I have been feeding my minnows fish food. They are wild minnows. They will eat it right away. So there is another option.

  11. Abby:

    Alissa you might want to keep them in s huge tub. I have 6-7 and that’s what I keep them in. You might not want to clean their water out frequently cause they will eat the algae. If they begin to become sick ( turn white) putt them sepratr from the non sick ones and keep a close sue on them.

  12. kylia:

    hi! I just caught 1 HUGE minnow and how can I tell if its pregnant? I need a direct and complete answer in fast!

  13. Anita:

    Thanks alot!!! I just got a minnow and I fed it fishfood. It (Freddie the 2nd/minnow) loved the food! Your website really helped me. :)

  14. Jody:

    I have a stock tank that I grow water lillies in. I know not to put koi or goldfish in as they will eat plants. Do minnows eat plants?

  15. admin:

    @Jody, only decaying or dead plants.

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