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What Do Lobsters Eat?

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Lobsters are crustaceans and are one of the most widely eaten seafood delicacies around the world. There are two kinds of lobsters, one is the true lobster, or the American lobster, and the other one is the spiny lobster. The American lobster has claws on the first four legs, while the other one, the spiny lobster, has a pair of horns above its eyes.

Blue American Lobster and the Giant Spiny LobsterThe blue American lobster and the giant, California spiny lobster.

Their favorite food

Lobsters are nocturnal, they dislike sunlight, and this is why they usually hide under rocks during daytime. They mostly hunt at night for fresh food and some of their favorite meals are: fish, crabs, clams, worms and sea urchins. Although they are not cannibalistic by nature except when in captivity or held in ponds without any food recourse. They sometimes resort to eating their fellow lobsters without giving it a second thought.

They have a very developed sense of smell

They detect their food by using the four antennules on their heads and the tiny needle-like hairs on their bodies. When they have finally caught their prey, they will crack it open by using their crusher claws, and their ripper claws to tear the food into small pieces. A lobster’s shell doesn’t grow and it can only increase its size by molting every now and then. Before molting, they seek out a protected, safe area, like a cave or den, for they become very vulnerable since their new shell is very soft.

Lobster’s stomach

Their two sets of legs, which they use for walking, can also come in handy when eating and catching food, since they have many taste sensors. The teeth of the lobsters are in their stomach, which is located in close proximity to their mouths. The food is literally chewed inside the stomach between three crunching surfaces that resemble human molars and is called the gastric mill.

Fishing for lobsters

The best time to fish for lobsters is either at dawn or dusk. There are two main reasons for this, first of all they don’t like the sunlight and there would be no use fishing for them during the day since they are hiding in the depth of the sea. The second reason is that, fishing is illegal during nighttime.

Cannibalistic nature

When in captivity lobsters, are known to become cannibalistic. Being in the same area with other lobsters, especially when no food is available, they often end up eating one another.

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