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What Do Chipmunks Eat?

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The chipmunk is a cute, adorable little critter that was immortalized in the Chip ‘n’ Dale series in books and on television. They were always doing funny things and they had a whole generation of children watching them faithfully.

A Chipmunk eating cornAdorable. Chipmunks are known to stuff their cheeks full of food.

Origins of the word “chipmunk”

It is believed that the name “chipmunk” came from the word “chitmunk”, which means the red squirrel, as the Odawa people would call them. They use noises and movements to communicate with each other. The noise they make is a “chip, chip, chip”, that probably also contributed to the name.

Where can you find chipmunks?

Chipmunks can be found in forests because they enjoy their meals of nuts and they also congregate in shrubs and grasses. Once you have a chipmunk in your garden, you can say goodbye to getting rid of it. They are wily and fast and usually elude the many attempts by homeowners to try to capture them.

Have you ever seen a chipmunk eat?

They fill their cheeks with nuts and sit upon their hind legs. The front paws are then given the task of holding the food while the chipmunk nibbles. They are very cute in this posture and are often depicted on the front of greeting cards doing their thing.

Chipmunks and their burrows

Chipmunks live in the ground, where they dig tunnels or burrow into the soil. They use their very sharp front claws to dig but they never leave large piles of dirt around the tunnels. They often store food in the burrows for future use. These tunnels actually contain rooms, and the number of rooms depends upon the individual chipmunk. Perhaps there is only one, but there could be several in one tunnel. It seems that they have a bit of the human in them when they set up such a home.

One word of caution

Don’t feed a chipmunk if you should find one in your garden. They look sweet, but they can ruin your garden by burrowing in many places, leaving holes that you can trip over. They will also eat your grass and perhaps some other vegetation. You are better off leaving them alone.

What they eat?

The chipmunk is omnivorous, and will eat both vegetation and animal life. They will devour nuts, seeds, grasses, vegetables and some fruits. Small insects also make up part of their daily food intake, and they like to eat grasshoppers, crickets, maggots and earthworms. Mushrooms and small birds also make a nice meal for the chipmunk, and they like to nibble on sunflower seeds and berries. It seems that there is not much the chipmunk doesn’t like to eat.