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What Do Bullfrogs Eat?

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An American bullfrog is the largest frog in North America, which are mostly found in the Southern part of the United States. These bullfrogs are not abundant because people used to kill them to eat their legs, which is why their population continues to decrease. Bullfrogs are easily identifiable due to their big size and their immense ability to leap. They are such fascinating creatures that certainly need to be protected.

Different stages of a Bullfrog's life cycleThe picture above shows the different stages of a bullfrog’s life cycle, from a tadpole to a froglet and finally to an adult.

A bullfrog’s diet

Bullfrogs normally eat all kinds of insects, baby mice and feeder fish. Actually, bullfrogs are voracious eaters – they eat a lot, and they can eat any animal that they can easily swallow. Crayfish, insects, minnows, worms, frogs and even other bullfrogs, baby birds, small turtles, snakes, and other minute animals are potential prey.

When do they hunt?

They capture their prey, mostly at night for fear of other predators. bullfrogs has many natural enermies, especially when they are at the early stages of their life cycle. Both tadpoles and small frogs eat snakes, turtles, fish and birds and the adult bullfrog usually eat mice and baby rats. They will eat anything they can fit in their mouth. If you are an owner of a bullfrog, then keep in mind that grasshoppers can kill them or make them very ill, so never feed your pet with grasshoppers.

North American bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)North American bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana). Pic by Carl D. Howe.

Special care for bullfrogs

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to keep more than one bullfrog at a time is that they usually eat anything smaller than themselves, even other small frogs. If you have tadpoles to take care of, then you need to put them in a separate aquarium and make sure that the water in the aquarium should be filtered. Don’t put any fish along with the tadpoles because the fish might harm them. Tadpoles feed on flake food, pallets, algae, and water plants. Just place three to four tadpoles in one aquarium and when they are big enough, you can feed them bloodworm. The tadpole stage can last anywhere between six months to two years.

About American Bullfrogs

Bullfrogs are also known as American bullfrogs, and they are naturally found in ponds, lakes and swamps. The average size of a bullfrog, without stretching its legs, is 9 to 15cm and 17 to 25cm with its legs stretched. Research has shown that bullfrogs are animals that can eat any other animal, as long as it is smaller than themselves, including their own species. Bullfrogs normally feed on rodents, little turtles, small bullfrogs and bats along with other invertebrates that are usually eaten by other ranid frogs or true frogs. Bullfrogs also have the ability to capture and eat large and strong aquatic animals. An adult bullfrog may eat insects, annelids and even crustaceans.


There you go with some useful information regarding bullfrogs. If you are planing to keep these creatures, I hope this information may help you know what to feed them and what are the things that bullfrogs may like to eat.

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  1. Mary:

    I just captured two bullfrogs. I think (don’t know for sure) one of them has left my pond. This pond has flowers around it and I thought I should fertilize them so I sprinkled them with 10/10/10. My frog dove out of the flowers and into the pond. How stupid I was! I hope I haven’t hurt it. Please don’t do this while the frogs are around.

    Thank you,

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