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What Do Bobcats Eat?

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Bobcats, also famous as Lynx rufus, are wild mammals usually found in North America. This mammal is a member of the cat family known as Felidae. This cat was first discovered a million years ago along with its 12 other species. They can easily be found from the North of Mexico to the South of Canada. This mammal is nocturnal and a bit shy, that’s why it is not so friendly or easily spotted. There are many National Geographic teams serving in forests to learn more about them but since they are hard to spot, it is difficult to study them. The most common areas for them to be found or spotted are swamps, deserts and sometimes suburban regions, especially during nighttime. Bobcats can also be called wild cats because they live in the wild and rely on hunting to survive.

BobcatAn adult bobcat can reach 24 inches tall and can weigh up to 40lbs.

Physical Appearance of Bobcats

Bobcats have distinctively beautiful features as compare to an average wild animal. They are twice as big as an average domestic cat, with long legs, tufted ears and big paws. Usually, all of the bobcats are brown or reddish brown with a white underbelly that gives an appealing touch to human eyes. They have a black tipped tail and it got its name “bob” because the tail is shorter than an average size.

Often mistaken for mountain lion

Bobcat is a part of lynx Family and they weighs in between 15 to 40 pounds. Sometimes, due to their appearance, a lot of people consider this cat as a domestic cat or a mountain lion. Whatever it is, this cat is appealing and have distinctive features and habits. They are two times larger than a house cat but smaller than a mountain lion. So, if you see any mountain lion that is also trying to hide from you, don’t give your verdict because it can be a bobcat.

What Do Bobcats Eats?

Just like other mammals, bobcats eat a lot of things depending upon the environment and surroundings they are staying in. Usually, a bobcat eats a variety of animals such as mice, squirrels, chicken, ducks, fawns, wild birds in the forests, skunks, baby sheep, whooping crane, young goats, mink, muskrats, small cats and rabbits. So, if you are residing in an area where bobcats are hiding, make sure that you don’t have such pets because they can hunt them or maybe attack you as well. On the other hand, a lot of people have been found to give treats to bobcats by providing them food items. If you are living in forests or near to a forest, make sure that you are taking good care of your pets. Leaving your small dogs outside or the pet food is an open invitation to bobcats.

Steps to keep your pets safe from bobcats:

  1. While walking or outside in woods, make sure that you are keeping your dogs on a leash.
  2. Always provide proper vaccinations for your pets so that they can’t catch any diseases from wild animals.
  3. Make sure that you are not inviting them unintentionally by leaving food items or pet food outside.
  4. Do not put food for wildlife except birds or squirrels otherwise it can be dangerous for you and your pets.

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2 Comments on What Do Bobcats Eat?
  1. Kelly Cap:

    I live in a suburban area of Tucson, Az. Frequently I see bobcats walking through my front yard. They do not seem shy in the least, but will casually walk by just like a domestic house cat. I have a court yard surrounded by an eight foot adobe wall. My domestic cat enjoys lounging in the court yard; is he endangered of being attacked by one of these bobcats?

  2. admin:

    @Kelly Cap, yes, he might be. If the bobcat decides to hang around for a while, your cat might be in trouble but most of time, if they can’t find any easy food, they will just move on.

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