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What Do Australians Eat?

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Australia’s populace is made up of people from very diverse backgrounds, Italians, Greeks, Asians, Brits and so forth, as well as indigenous dishes, and so Australia’s cuisine is hard to pin down. However, the one thing that people do think of when you mention Aussie food is the good old barbie, so we’ll start here.

Do they like red meat?

Australians are very fond of red meat, and they are equally as fond of the barbecues, needing no excuse to fire it up and have some friends round for a beer. You’ll find a lot of beef and lamb sizzling away, as well as pork sausages. Chicken and fish are also popular, as well as more native foods like kangaroo and emu. Often, dishes are flavored with indigenous herbs and spices, which give imported recipes a local zing.

What do they eat for breakfast?

Coffee is a very important part of the Australian diet and culture. Many Aussies eat their breakfast on the run, and grab coffee on the way to work after breakfasting on cereals and milk. At weekends, they have more time in the mornings and may well indulge in that British classic like the fried breakfast, which harks back to the nation’s cultural past. Pancakes and blueberries might make an appearance as well.

Popular Australian flavoring spice

A popular Australian flavoring is wattleseed. This seed is roasted and ground, and is used in both sweet and savory recipes, where its unique flavor (a combination of hazelnut, chocolate and coffee) adds a unique taste. The flavoring is also found in coffees, ice cream and even beers.

How about lunch?

Lunch in Australia depends on where you are. If you’re at work it will most likely be sandwiches or wraps. A lot of workers nip over to a food court during lunch hour and grab a bowl of noodles or pasta. With a lot of different cultures present, there are lots of cuisines to choose from.

Are they health conscious?

Just like elsewhere in the developed world, people are becoming aware of health issues like obesity and diabetes, and are including more fruit and vegetables in their diets. Dinner in an Australian household, especially during the working week, has to be easy and quick to prepare, so you’ll find steaks and salads, pastas, stir fries and fish. Of course there’s always a place for a takeaway, or a frozen meal, especially in a busy household. Takeaways in particular will be more exotic like noodles, rice, curries and so on. More people are interested in cooking their own food now, though, especially with an increasing number of celebrity chefs and their TV shows in Oz.

How about on Sundays?

Sundays are typically the day for a tasty roast, and leftovers from the meat may well find their way into lunches and dinners for a couple of days afterwards.

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